How Digital Credentials and Skills are going to change the society


Technology is evolving fast and is transforming whole sectors of society. Significant changes around credentialing are happening in the education sector. Seeing that the workforce’s needs in the 21st century have changed drastically. The revolution is happening in post-secondary education, with colleges and universities leading this change. Here we know about the most interesting things. That is how Digital Credentials and Skills are going to change the society?

The fundamental structure of higher education is transform by digital technology, seeing that brick and mortar classrooms are gradually moving to digital space and awarding transcripts that have previously been tightly controlled by the institution awarding them. 


A massive change is occurring in post-secondary credentialing which there being numerous pathways to education. More and more people possess more than a college degree, including apprenticeships, associate degrees, occupational licenses, education certificates, and digital badges to employer-based certifications. 

The transformational power of


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