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Women in tech statistics: The hard truths behind the never-ending debates

Numbers show that despite national discussions about gender diversity in tech (and being underrepresented and underpaid), women are still often discriminated against in the technology industry.

Top Ten Virtual Worlds to Explore

The metaverse is changing the face of gaming for good. The gaming experience centers around making a vivid encounter where players connect and compete with one another. This is an extended reality gaming based on the blockchain. At the fore of this immersive world are advanced resources.

Jumping on a Big Data Train

The most valuable resource in the world is data. Little wonder the term has become trendy. Up to the point where everyone tries to put it on a product, the same way food companies tag every food item “100% Natural.”

NFT Tips: Must-Read Advice for Beginners

If you're looking for NFT recommendations on the best types of NFTs to buy, how to raise your NFTs, or how to avoid falling victim to NFT scams and hacks

Can physical art be turned into NFTs?

This appears to be a simple question, but it isn't easy to explain. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and digital artworks have received a great deal of attention and buzz in recent years, both in the United States and worldwide. Digital artists are now receiving the credit they deserve, thanks to the efforts of NFTs. Their toil is now marketable for millions of dollars due to their efforts. However, putting aside the digital art category, is it possible to convert physical art into non-financial tokens?


How AI is Changing Work Structures

Greater numbers of individuals, businesses, and governments are embracing artificial intelligence. This has led to growth in certain sectors of the global economy. But there is a growing gap between those businesses and sectors who benefit from AI and those who don't.

How to Protect Yourself from Cyber Attacks

The business threat environment changes frequently. New forms of attack emerge daily. To ensure the stability and security of your system, take an integrated approach. Ensure you put in place different levels of protection and regularly analyze possible threats.

Why Blockchain is The Future

Blockchain is useful in areas where there are many participants in the process and few intermediaries. Insurance, healthcare, and government organizations can also benefit from this technology.

Solving New-Era Customer Experience Challenges

The cost of acquiring a new customer is on average 5 times higher than the cost of retaining a customer and is therefore only a partial success. In the retention phase, in which customers gain initial experience with the product, the aim is to turn new customers into long-term existing customers