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Ferrari Admits to Data Breach Following Hacker Attack

Find out what personal data was accessed, why Ferrari refused to pay ransom, and ongoing investigation details

NFT Taxes for Investors

Learn about the tax implications of investing in NFTs, including capital gains, cost basis, gifts, and mining.

Cybercriminals in the Metaverse: Interpol’s Response to Fraudsters Targeting Users

The use of the metaverse by Interpol is a step forward in combating virtual crimes, and developing a legal framework for accountability

How AI is Revolutionizing Cyberattacks

Learn how artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in cyberattacks and how to protect yourself

Robotics in the Workforce: Navigating the Challenges and Opportunities

Discover the impact of robotics on the workplace and employment, including efficiency, safety, and economic consequences.

New European Initiative Provides Safe Space for Blockchain Experimentation

Learn about the European Blockchain Regulatory Sandbox and how it aims to promote secure and transparent transactions while enabling innovation with blockchain technology.

How AI Algorithms are Revolutionizing Search Engine Results

Discover how AI algorithms are transforming search engine results with improved accuracy, speed, personalization, and content presentation.

BIS Innovation Hub Completes Project Icebreaker Exploring Benefits of CBDCs in International Payments

This article explores the benefits and challenges of using central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) in cross-border payments.

Improving Agricultural Efficiency with Blockchain Technology

Explore the benefits of blockchain in agriculture, from transparency to efficiency and traceability in this informative article

Eurozone Governments Discuss Future of Digital Currency, CBDC

Eurozone's plans for digital currency: legal tender status, network effects, and more.

Decentralized Identity Fundamentals: Understanding the Basics

Learn about the fundamentals of decentralized identity, blockchain, and self-sovereign identity for secure and trustworthy online identity management.

Artificial intelligence created a song about Bitcoin

The creation of a song about bitcoin by an AI program is an example of how technology is changing the way we create and consume art. While some may view AI-generated music as a threat to human creativity, others see it as an opportunity to explore new possibilities and push the boundaries of what is possible.

Global Interest in Metaverse Continues to Grow, Study Shows

The analysts' report shows the growing interest in the metaverse concept, including its close relationship with virtual assets and virtual worlds. The report highlights countries with a biased attitude towards the concept and those with positive sentiment. As cryptocurrencies continue to grow in popularity, the interest in the metaverse is expected to increase.

The Hype and Reality of 5G: Are Telecom Companies Struggling to Monetize?

Discover the reality behind 5G and whether it's meeting expectations. Is it just a business solution or a consumer proposition?

Top 6 blockchain platforms to consider in 2023

Modern blockchain platforms have been developed to help overcome these limitations and provide practical value for other business uses and applications.

Bank of Japan Launches Pilot Project to Test Digital Yen, a New Frontier in Global Payments.

Discover how Bank of Japan's pilot project of a digital yen could revolutionize global payments.

Tech Giant Tencent Joins Forces with MultiversX to Build a Blockchain-Powered Meta Universe

Tencent partners with MultiversX to build a blockchain-powered meta universe with virtual real estate, art, and music.

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Data Analyst

Learn the key skills needed to become a data analyst, from technical abilities to business acumen and education.

The Howey Test and Cryptocurrency: What Investors Need to Know

Learn how the Howey Test is used by the SEC to determine if cryptocurrencies are securities.

The Revolutionary AI-Powered Body Scanning Startup

AI-Powered Body Scanning Startup offer preventive healthcare and early disease detection. Join the healthcare innovation today

NFT Media: Insights from CNN, TIME, and Forbes

Discover how media companies like CNN, Time, and Forbes are using NFTs to monetize digital media and enhance engagement.

Blockchain SIM Cards to be Unveiled in China

China Telecom and Conflux Network launch the world's largest blockchain-enabled SIM card. Secure digital signatures and decentralized applications.

Tech Startups Introduce Biometric Identification System for Cryptocurrency Security

Revolutionize cryptocurrency security with advanced biometric technology. Faster, secure transactions. Privacy concerns. Increased adoption expected.

Technology Takes on Natural Disasters: Services to Track and Alert You to Earthquakes

Stay informed and prepared for unexpected natural disasters with these services to handle potential emergencies effectively

Crypto Chaos: Platypus DeFi-Protocol Hacked for $8.5 Million as USP Loses Its Peg to the Dollar

Platypus DeFi-protocol hack results in $8.5M cryptocurrency loss, raising concerns over DeFi platform security and USP stablecoin stability.

Cybercriminals Demand $80 Million Ransom from Royal Mail in LockBit Ransomware Attack

LockBit ransomware group demands $80 million ransom from Royal Mail, which refused to pay. Protect your organization with robust cybersecurity measures

An Introduction to Crypto Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations

Crypto fundraising can be an effective way for non-profits to expand their reach and make a greater impact in their communities and around the world

Exploring the Top Trends in Banking for 2023: The Rise of DeFi, Tokenization, and CBDCs

DeFi, tokenization, and CBDCs are transforming the banking industry in 2023, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Esports Industry Growth and Investment Opportunities: A Guide for Investors

Discover lucrative investment opportunities in the billion-dollar esports industry, from team ownership to event production and technology development.