Alessandro Civati

Entrepreneur and IT enthusiast, he has been dealing with new technologies and innovation for over 20 years. Field experience alongside the largest companies in the IT and Industrial sector - such as Siemens, GE, or Honeywell - he has worked for years between Europe and Africa, today focusing his energies in the field of Certification and Data Traceability. , with the Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. At the head of the Lirax project, he is now involved in supporting companies and public administration in the digital transition, in a certain way. Particular attention is paid to the traceability and certification of educational and professional skills, as well as the identification of the person, in compliance with European and international directives. Thanks to his activities carried out in Africa, in the governmental sphere, and subsequently as a consultant for the United Nations and the International Civil Protection, he is carrying out further large-scale projects, in the field of research and development together with international experts, which allow him to done, to broaden his vision and expertise in a unique and transversal way. The voluntary work carried out in various humanitarian missions carried out in West Africa in support of the poorest populations completes his profile. He has participated in the creation of centers for infancy and newborn clinics, in the construction of wells for drinking water and in the creation of clinics for the fight against diabetes

NOC vs SOC – Network operations center and Security operations center

Organizations should never grapple with the choice of setting up either NOC or SOC teams. Having both a NOC and SOC is the ideal situation. Despite the differences in primary objectives and duties, the NOC and SOC teams share the need for deep visibility and centralized control over network infrastructure.

People-Centric Cybersecurity – “we-are-together-in-this” is the new Company-Customer priority

Cybersecurity should not be a 'check box' affair. Organizations can leverage cybersecurity as a strategic tool to drive business objectives and build customer trust. Cybersecurity strategy is evolving from being technology-centric to people-centric. Effective cybersecurity programs and improved security awareness will protect business assets and information and prevent fall-outs from breaches. Customers are vital players in a successful and forward-looking organization.

Human-in-the-loop Model – Why AI Needs Human Intervention

The AI system will continually learn and improve while constantly being kept in check to prevent risks and potentially harmful consequences. Different models such as cognitive AI, conversational AI, and "HitL" reinforcement learning combined with real people with expertise, empathy, ingenuity, and moral judgment will lead to augmented Intelligence and increasingly more positive outcomes. The best applications of AI are seed, where AI systems are monitored by people and augment people.

Cybersecurity Megatrends – More devices, More risks, More expenditures.

Cyber risk management has not kept pace with the proliferation of digital and analytics transformations, and many companies are unsure how to identify and manage digital risks. Effective risk management calls for proactive visibility and context across the entire cyber-attack surface. Businesses must understand the vulnerabilities that can be exploited to cause the most significant harm.

Challenges and Opportunities of EdTech & EdVerso Transition

The biggest challenge faced by blockchain technology is disrupting the EdTech space, currently moving faster to the EdVerso area, where decentralization is merged inside a new virtual world based on the metaverse, where skills can join the job opportunities across the globe without physical limitations.

Global Food Traceability – A Top growing market of 24 Billion USD by 2026

The global food traceability market is steadily growing as consumers seek to know the source and origin of their food items. Food traceability will help identify how and where food and food items were contaminated. In essence, food traceability allows food makers to document and track the progress of a product through different phases of the food production process. The food traceability technology can track food manufacturing from In essence, food traceability allows food makers to document and track the progress of a product through different phases of the food production process. The food traceability technology can track food manufacturing from processing, handling, and distribution processes. 

CyberWar in Europe – Internet Blackout, Disinformation and Espionage

Thousands of people across Europe were thrown offline by a massive internet outage believed to be part of the Russian offensive on Ukraine.

A.I. & Social Networks – Is an inequality process started?

Intro Firstly, Over the past several years, artificial intelligence and machine learning have radically transformed...

Blockchain and Web3 – Possibilities & Threats for the Education Sector

More and more companies are increasingly exploring potential applications for blockchain technology in the education sector and a host of other industries.

Decentralized Education – A turnkey opportunity for higher education and universities

With the improving quality of life across the globe, people are increasingly investing in...

Zero Trust – An Emerging Catchphrase in Cybersecurity

Zero trust has become a catchphrase in the cybersecurity sector, with all stakeholders fully accepting and going on all in.

Humanity & A.I. – Artificial Intelligence Benefits & RISKS

Artificial Intelligence Benefits & RISKS : Technologies, and services to respect human rights and, by extension, human choice by default.

Network Decryption – A Critical Cybersecurity Best Practice

Network Decryption: Businesses have been moving their data and computing to the cloud. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated.

Huawei Risks – A Government Security Review

The greatest fear is that Huawei is likely to come under extrajudicial directions from the Chinese government.

What are Cryptos or Cryptocurrencies?

Do you intend to invest in the cryptocurrency industry this year? We have some...

What are E-sports?

Nowadays, e-Sports have grown increasingly popular all over the world, and many businesses are...

Non-fungible Tokens

Intro Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are digital assets that include a wide range of unique tangible....

Blockchain for Education – A fast-growing changing market

Firstly Blockchain is increasingly being adopted in the education sector to achieve different outcomes...

2021 Data Breaches – A brief Review

Rapidly changing circumstances in the I.T. world and business have increased reliance on data...

Holiday Time – New CyberAttacks Risks for your Business

The holidays are an opportunity for people to take time off work and enjoy...

Critical Infrastructures are Under Attack – A vision to our Safety and Wellbeing

Firstly can you imagine what would happen if you could no longer use some....

Ransomware Attacks – Employees could be part of the problem

A recent survey of about 100 cybersecurity executives in North America has found that cybercriminals have requested about 50 percent of business employees and leaders to assist in actualizing a ransomware attack. Companies and Governments should invest more energies and budgets on Internal security and training.

CyberSecurity Plan – A MUST-HAVE for every Business

Proper planning, regular updates, and having trusted cybersecurity experts will help your business remain safe and agile in the face of cyberattacks. Every SBE and Enterprise should have a CyberSecurity Plan and an Incident Response Plan.

Cyber Attacks can get everyone

Cybersecurity incidents have been on the rise, and no business is entirely safe from the hacking block. Cybercriminals may primarily target large companies and multinational companies, but smaller enterprises present soft targets.

Food Industry Transformation – Technological Predictions

The disruption to the food industry occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has...

Artificial Intelligence for Governments – Benefits & Vulnerability

Governments worldwide are adopting artificial intelligence with lots of enthusiasm to stay ahead of technological advancements. Both governments and corporates are interested in including AI in their business development processes and other applications. BUT, Any strategy has to consider data protection, privacy issues, and cutting back on carbon dioxide emissions.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – A Faster Drug Discovery Opportunity.

The emergence of new technologies is helping speed up the discovery process right to the approval of new drugs. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are helping in the speeding up of necessary calculations on the binding affinity of drug molecules to proteins in the body.

Facial Recognition: Intriguing Yet Fascinating Developments

Facial recognition refers to identifying and verifying the identity of an individual through the use of their face. It captures, analyzes, and compares distinct patterns based on the facial details of an individual. Facial biometrics transforms a face into digital data by applying an algorithm and comparing the captured image to those in a database. 

Higher Education – 4 Ways Blockchain Will Transform it

Blockchain is changing some of the problems that have proven difficult to address using traditional technologies. Prominent areas of blockchain use are in business process streamlining and universally accessible certifications. I believe that new hybrid solutions between blockchain, ai, and machine learning will forever revolutionize the educational system.

A.I. in the Education Industry – A deep and global change of view.

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology are changing the Educational Industry forever. We can see to manage the change by developing specialistic training for teachers, professors, and Educational Managers. It will be a challenging experience, but the process is started, and it cannot be stopped.

Cybersecurity Regulations – A Strategy review between EU and USA

The history of cybersecurity regulation can be traced back to the 1990s when the E.U. passed the Data Protection Regulation. Shortly after, the U.S. established the National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace in 2001. Currently, the U.S. has the global cybersecurity leadership... My vision is that the moment of strong cooperation is arrived, especially about emerging cybersecurity trends and protecting an open and interoperable Internet.

Blockchain’s Future? – The regulation system is the development key

Blockchain technology continues its development and widespread adoption towards a decentralized internet. It heralds...

Cryptocurrency – The TRUST Factor

Cryptocurrency has been on a transformative journey. Blockchain technology offers a high level of transparency and accountability, eliminating the need for a trusted central authority to oversee the system. In this way Trust is a fundamental element behind everything in human interaction and on the law system.

Quantum Computers VS Financial Blockchain – The new Challenge Era.

Quantum computing holds promise and great potential. The technology portends changes for cryptography, mainly due to the ease of breaking the mathematical difficulty currently used… but not everything will be lost with quantum computing. Post-quantum cryptography is the area of research that will be inherently resistant to quantum attacks and it will provide robust and future-proof blockchain applications.

Brilliant AI – How AI May Identify Your Weaknesses and Influence Your Choices

Artificial intelligence has been transforming every aspect of human life. Different AI technologies or solutions have been deployed in varying parts of human life and enhance how we live and work. Some of the transformational use cases are found in vaccine development, office administration, and environmental management.

Is Blockchain Legal? A Government approach to everyday use of blockchain technology

Firstly, Blockchain is not a new technology anymore, having been around for about ten...

Blockchain as a Service: Multiple Uses of this Technology

Blockchain technology is an emerging technology a decade since its introduction. It is being...

Blockchain = Food Value How the technology innovation is transforming food traceability

Intro Food is central to human existence in that it is essential for the wellbeing...

Hackers & Terrorists – A Government Vision for The New Decade

Cyber threats, network security, and sensitive information are posing complex challenges for governments, especially...

Cross-Chain: A Direct Explanation

A cross-chain is simply interoperability between two independent blockchains. Considering that blockchains have the...

AI Creators and Policymakers – A complex but needed way for our future.

Intro There has been a giant abyss between AI creators and policymakers, as evidenced by...

5G Network Slicing – A potential vulnerability to Cyberattacks

Firstly A major security flaw in the 5G network slicing architecture has been identified....

Artificial Emotional Intelligence and Emotion Recognition in the 5G world

With 5G communication technology's continued rollout, we'll soon be ushered into a new era...

Blockchain & Food Traceability

Traceability has become a critical tool for implementing and operationalizing standards and regulations by...

Machine Learning – The main impact areas where we can use it

Numerous businesses across the different sectors have struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic. There have...

Small Security Teams – Five Important Security Lessons

Looking back to before the COVID-19 pandemic, a full-time work-from-home workforce was not fathomable....

AI in Health Care: Expectations and fears of the public

In the last decade, we have seen the increased use of AI in the...

Ai is increasingly being implemented and proving its worth in the financial services sector.

Intro With the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, financial services institutions are now moving from...

How to instil a Cybersecurity Awareness Culture in organizations

In 2020, security breaches were at an all-time high due to the effects of...

What Has Been the Impact of Blockchain during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

2020 has brought high-level interest in blockchain technology. The unfettered interest in the technology...

How Digital Credentials and Skills are going to change the society

Technology is evolving fast and is transforming whole sectors of society. Significant changes around...

Important Questions attackers ask when choosing a target

Firstly The past decade has seen a significant shift to the cloud for many...

Mobile Endpoint Security is a big Challenge for Enterprises

You will find a wide array of tools ranging from firewalls. Mobile Endpoint Security is a big Challenge for Enterprises.

How is blockchain transforming the education sector?

Blockchain is essentially a distributed ledger technology more popular for being the technology backing...

SaaS Misconfigurations Are To Blame for Data Breaches: Check your Settings.

Firstly, one challenge identified with SaaS applications' widespread adoption is the lack of resources...

Cyber Skills Gap, is it a lack of talent problem?

Intro The global cybersecurity workforce gap shrank from 4 million to 3.1 million in 2020....

4 Sectors Targeted from Ransomware Attacks in 2020

Intro Firstly, There was a marked increase in the number of ransomware attacks report in...

Google’s Global Outage

Google suffered a global outage of its services, with users reporting that. They could...

The Rise of Malicious SSL Encryption Attacks

According to research by Zscaler, malicious SSL attacks have been increased by 260% in 2020, including...

Ransomware Attacks, 5 ways of errors

Information security should be made part of the values and culture of any organization....


Important Performance Metrics for Decentralized Finance

In the world of DeFi, the price-to-sales ratio (P/S ratio) is a critical KPI. It is calculated by dividing the fully diluted market capitalization of the token by its 12-month revenue.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: Key Differences

AR is already interesting for the pure design of the work instruction. For example, explanatory text can be dispensed with if images are enhanced with AR elements and short animations.

Artificial Intelligence Has a Key Challenge: Data Quality

Artificial Intelligence has proved to be one of the main drivers of the digital revolution, accelerating the need for companies to have the enormous potential

Are Stablecoins the Ultimate Use Case for Blockchain?

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that are linked to a non-volatile asset (like the US dollar). These cryptocurrencies address the crypto space's inherent volatility risks and enable more predictable transactions.