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Understanding Decentralized Finance

The term "distributed blockchain" refers to the fact that all parties using a DeFi application have an identical copy of the public ledger. Every transaction is recorded in encrypted code in this.

What is a Metaverse?

A metaverse is a virtual reality environment where users can interact, play games, and have real-world experiences.

The Next Phase of The Web Would Be Driven by AI

The web's Third Phase has arrived, and it has nothing to do with bored ape NFTs or DAOs to build housing, or the Next Big Cryptocurrency to fly halfway to the moon before crashing back to earth.

Applications of Blockchain in The Public Sector

There is potential to use blockchain for identity management, personally managed data storage in the health, insurance, and financial sectors, decentralized energy based on neighborhood electricity trading solutions, and new election and voting procedures

Human-in-the-loop Model – Why AI Needs Human Intervention

The AI system will continually learn and improve while constantly being kept in check to prevent risks and potentially harmful consequences. Different models such as cognitive AI, conversational AI, and "HitL" reinforcement learning combined with real people with expertise, empathy, ingenuity, and moral judgment will lead to augmented Intelligence and increasingly more positive outcomes. The best applications of AI are seed, where AI systems are monitored by people and augment people.