BlockSpaces – Rapidly Growing Blockchain Company led by women


Blockchain technology is a relatively new branch of computer science and many of the major players in the field are men. Due to this, the blockchain industry has been seen as a male-dominated field. Four years ago, at the 2018 North American Bitcoin Conference, there were only three females out of 88 speakers. However, blockspaces is starting to change as more and more women are getting involved. 

Nowadays, the blockchain industry is beginning to be fueled by a new wave of women innovators and leaders. Rosa Shores and Gabe Higgins are two founders of a considerably successful enterprise – BlockSpaces. The company was established back in 2017 and intends to promote seamless integration of their applications with blockchain networks. 

What is BlockSpaces?

BlockSpaces involves no or low code along with several analytical. And performance monitoring tools, infrastructure management platforms, and drag-and-drop workflows. The company offers innovative solutions for crypto enthusiasts and blockchain companies ranging from DeFi payments to managed Web 3 infrastructure.

Since its establishment, in just a year. The company managed to grow by 40% and closed more than 5 million US dollars in venture seed rounds. Recently, at the world’s most significant bitcoin-themed conference Bitcoin 2022. BlockSpaces closed a 6 million US dollar round of investment for funding its lightning integration and hyper-growth trajectory. 

The success story of the female CEO of a blockchain startup

However, it has never been smooth, as Rosa and Gabe failed several times to attract investors for their startup project. One of the reasons, they believe was behind the rejected pitches. Was the fact that all the investors they spoke to were men. Consequently, they began to look for women entrepreneurs who would help them with the company. This week the plan was successful, BlockSpaces got its first investor – He finances leadout capital. The project with a 1 million USD seed round. 

Rosa, as the CEO of the company, frequently speaks about the challenges. She’s facing as a female entrepreneur, but also she highlights the difficulty of the field due to a lack of research available in the blockchain industry. She says “You have to be very comfortable with the unknown” as the space is highly technical, recently emerged and heavily male-dominated. 


Future of women in the Blockchain industry

Neither the co-founder of BlockSpaces nor its investors believe that the sexism in the blockchain industry is intentional. However, it does manifest the influence of learning stereotypes over the fate of certain startups in tech industries. 

Rosa Shores has made it her top priority to pave. The way for the women in the Tech industry who are struggling with presenting their ideas and effort to a wide audience. She recognizes that blockchain is a technology that has the potential to transform the world. But it has proven difficult for women to break into this field. 

It is expected to see a number of female professionals participating in building the future of BlockSpaces, but more importantly, a lot of women in tech are now looking up to Rosa Shores for guidance and support, which can have a tremendous effect on the course of the Blockchain industry at some point. 


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