DeFi 2021 Report



An evolving crypto innovation known as Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is creating a new internet-based worldwide financial ecosystem beyond banking and boundaries. DeFi has started to reshape worldwide finance and e-commerce, yet the asset category remains mysterious to many investors. This article will take a closer look into DeFi report 2021.

DeFi: 2021 Report

Since MakerDAO came out in 2015, many more DeFi applications have been in the banking world. Technology changes for years, but 2021 was the year DeFi found its sweet spot and really took off. When DeFi looked at the value of the top protocols. It went from less than $1 billion to close to $90 billion today. DeFi value creation has been different in different sectors, with decentralized exchanges and lending platforms taking the lead so far. Other parts of the space are still growing as the technology improves.

DeFi is rapidly approaching on a tipping point. At which the nascent ecosystem of protocols may begin to seriously compete with incumbent financial services firms. The market capitalization of leading DeFi assets now exceeds 2.5 percent of the $4.2 trillion market capitalization of the Sample 500 Financial Services Sector.

The rate at which DeFi has increased its market share is even more impressive. In a little less than two years. DeFi has increased by a factor of 25 from 0.10 percent to 2.5 percent of the US financial sector.


DeFi has a lot of room to grow because banks have left a large number of customers behind. People who haven’t been intereste in banking or haven’t been able to get banking are now switching to DeFi. Today, more than 220 million people worldwide use crypto, but banks haven’t done enough to help them for years. Many people have already turned to DeFi because they can’t get credit even though the crypto economy makes a lot of money. Yet, DeFi is only use by less than 2% of these people today, leaving a lot of room for crypto-native users to grow.

Numerous popular DeFi protocols have seen their user base grow exponentially over the last year due to several applications demonstrating their technical viability and competitive utility.

DeFi adoption has accelerated in recent years. In  2021, the overall number of addresses that have used DeFi applications achieved 3.5 million, portraying a more than sixfold increase over the previous year. Customers are demanding a new financial services experience based on the rapid expansion of DeFi’s user base.


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