“Metaverse wedding” is now a real thing



While Zoom weddings became a thing in 2020 following the surge in COVID cases, the metaverse is slowly replacing the custom by adding a fun( metaverse wedding ) element to it. A couple from southern India is to become the first Indian couple to celebrate their nuptials on the online metaverse, a network of interconnected 3D virtual worlds.

Dinesh S. P. and Janaganandhini Ramaswamy’s wedding reception will take place in the virtual space. The reception will happen in Harry Potter’s famous and favorite place. The Great Hall (a.k.a the dining hall) in Hogwarts Castle. As per the Times of India report, the couple’s digital avatar will meet with the guests in the virtual venue. And the event will be presided over by the avatar of the bride’s late father. The groom Dinesh Kshatriyan who ideated of holding the reception in the metaverse approached Vignesh Selvaraj of Quatics Tech. Who had been designing Tardiverse where people could meet and play. Interestingly, guests at the virtual reception will be able to pick both Indian traditional. And Western attire for their avatars and will be able to gift the bride and groom via GPay, and crypto.

metaverse wedding

About there metaverse wedding

“Both of us are huge Harry Potter fans, we will be “Potterheads” and meet. And greet our guests from across the world in the virtual mode,” said Dinesh

Dinesh was also rooting for the unusual wedding because of the death of his father-in-law. Who passed away suddenly last year.

“When I told my fiance he can preside over our wedding through a virtual avatar so that at least spiritually he could be with us, she was thrilled with the idea. So was my future mother-in-law. This sealed the deal for us.”

News of the extra-special wedding has spread like wildfire across the world and has been trending on Twitter. Such is the excitement in Tamil Nadu that political leaders and film stars are chasing Dinesh to invite them on his big day.

However, some Western states outlaw the condition where weddings are hold solely in the metaverse. As per the NYT report, a couple’s wedding was cancele due to ‘the pandemic staged a (nonlegal) ceremony within Animal Crossing, a popular video game.’ Nonetheless, the nuptials happening in the virtual space will continue to be a norm until we witness a permanent downfall of the COVID curve.


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