Top 5 Platforms to buy virtual land


Many things have gone “meta” recently, and I’m not just referring to Facebook. We’ve started to become familiar with the “metaverse” concept. Lets talk about Top 5 Platforms virtual land.

Meanwhile, It seems like everybody’s talking about the metaverse. Real money is being spend by investors to purchase land in a new city that only exists in virtual reality. Owners of the lands can construct whatever they want on their plots. And investors are piling into metaverse lands.

So, which metaverse platforms you should be looking at? Here are the top five metaverse platforms where you can buy virtual lands.

1. Axie Infinity

Firstly It was one of the top-performing cryptocurrencies of 2021.Players breed, raise, and compete with cute (and unique) Axies, which they can also sell in the marketplace. Axie is a play-to-earn game, which means that players earn crypto rewards that have value outside the game. And a virtual land in the Axie Infinity universe has recently sold for 2.3 million U.S dollars.

2. Decentraland

Secondly Decentraland is a 3D virtual reality platform where players can own and develop parcels of land, which can be paid for using MANA tokens. There are tools inside the game that people can use to create spaces and artwork. They’ve built everything from medieval dungeon mazes to casinos and bars. There are also regular events, from parties to poker games and exhibitions. And big tech companies like Samsung have recently collaborated with Decentraland.

Top 5 Platforms  virtual land

3. The SandBox

Thirdly Sandbox is very similar to Decentraland in that players can buy land on which they create and share games and experiences. However, there’s more customization in Sandbox. Users can build their games and NFTs, which can then be play or traded.

The Sandbox metaverse comprises different digital pieces of non-fungible real estate called LANDs. Each land is a unique Ethereum-base NFT asset that can be purchase directly on The Sandbox marketplace or major NFT trading venues such as OpenSea. Platform users can use LAND to build digital experiences such as games or 3D dioramas.

4. Aavegotchi 

Fourthly Officially launched in September 2020 and was created by Singapore-based Pixelcraft Studios. Aavegotchi is a crypto collectible game built on the Ethereum blockchain, where participants can purchase and grow Aavegotchis, which are NFT avatars used to explore and interact with the Gotchiverse.

The platform draws on nostalgia for the handheld digital pet game Tamagotchi enriching its classic gameplay with blockchain-enabled functionality Defi, gaming, and digital land ownership.

5. Bit.Country

Finally Bit.Country is a new level of social interaction that includes 2D social media (like Twitter or Subsocial) and 3D gaming platforms (like Decentraland) with VR visualization in the future. It will allow users to have their own NFT galleries with marketplaces, tokens, and community governance.

Bit.Country aspires to create a decentralized virtual world governed by the community to make the objects in the virtual world usable and a platform allowing user-created metaverses experiences and applications.


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