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Ukrainian Cops Arrested Nine Phishing Gangs Operating Over 400 Phishing Sites


$3.4 million was stolen from 5000 Ukrainian banks using phishing websites, and criminals are to face 15 years of imprisonment

On the 29th of June 2022, the Ukrainian cybercrime force announced the arrest of nine phishing gangs that have stolen 100 million uah ($3.4 million) using about 400 phishing sites. These sites claim to offer social safety payments from the European Union countries and entice people to fill out an application.

These actors use their phishing websites to lure people into inputting their bank details, such as account numbers and card details to apply for the fake fund and later use it to strip funds from users’ banks. Above 5,000 individuals were victims of this cybercrime act.

Some of the rogue domains recorded to be registered by these criminals are:,, www.bless12.retailer,,,, ua-payment.excitement, uz-gos.Top,, Ukri-,,,,,, etc.

It was recorded that the criminals’ method of propagating their one-way links is unknown. Still, it can probably be through spam email messages, social media apps, Smishing, SEO poisoning, or advertisements.

The criminal activity was exposed by the collaboration of Cyber Police Department employees, Pechersk Police Department investigators, and specialists of the National Bank of Ukraine under the procedural guidance of the Pechersk District Prosecutor’s office of Kyiv.

Police raided the cybercriminals’ location and were able to arrest them. They also seized lots of computer equipment such as laptops and mobile phones used for their criminal act and money stolen from victims’ banks.

The cybercrime police also warned the citizen to have a confirmation of the source of any financial benefits. They should look for official sources to prevent falling victim to the cybercriminals’ fake sites. They also stated that they shouldn’t give any third party their banking information or fill any dubious form irrespective of any situation.

Lastly, the cybercrime cops gave a solution to those about to fall victim by quickly reporting to the cyber police to protect their money from the criminals’ hands.

The law enforcement agency also announced that the criminals might face up to 15 years of imprisonment. According to the criminal proceedings under part 3 of Art. 190 (Fraud), Part 5 of Art. 361 (Unauthorized interference in the work of information automated, electronic, communication, information and communication systems, electronic communication networks) of the Criminals Code of Ukraine.


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