The first edible NFT has officially unveiled.



The world is surely evolving into a digital place, and witnessing it is purely mesmerizing. And as weird as it sounds, foods are a part of it. Digital food is now a real thing and yes, not everything has to make sense.

“Buffalo wings” is a traditional Super Bowl meal that is popular among football lovers. It is more like a culture than food. And as the game day is getting closer, brands have started to innovate different ideas to be able to attract interest and gain new customers by adapting to the digital world.

The spicy condiment brand announced the release of its first-ever “edible NFT” (non-fungible tokens) as well as its spoof cryptocurrency, “Bonecoin,” to help celebrate the popular game-day snack of Buffalo wings.

From January 27th through the end of the Big Game on February 13th, fans can scan images of their chicken wing bones to earn Bonecoin. The fan who accrues the most Bonecoin will win Frank’s RedHot NFT and its edible replica, the eNFT.

“We’re excited to be a first to offer an edible NFT or what we’re calling an eNFT. What better way to enjoy football than with your own Frank’s wing art — both digital and edible,” Alia Kemet, Frank’s RedHot VP of Creative & Digital, McCormick said in a statement.


The press release also confirmed that Bonecoin is not meant to be a real cryptocurrency and is only a spoof created for this contest.

Last spring, Frank’s RedHot partnered with Goldfish for a spicy version of the classic cracker to give away three NFTs, which consisted of limited-edition artwork. The approximate retail value of each prize was $500.

Some might think it’s nonsense, but NFTs and other digital assets have proved them wrong time after time in the past. And we all know that the phrase “history repeats itself” is a true saying without a doubt. Who knows, may digital foods be a trending thing in a matter of time?


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