The Government of China is taking the “revolutionary step” about the Metaverse


We all know Beijing from being the biggest city in China. With Its population of almost 22 million people. It’s no doubt that the city is a huge metropole. And has an important value to not only China but to the whole world.

And the city is preparing to be the biggest in the metaverse universe also.

The government of China shared its five-year development plan one week ago. And one part of this particular plan started to get much more attention than the others.

As soon as the government revealed the details, people started talking and tweeting about it.

Released by Shanghai on Thursday contained the first mention of the metaverse, according to Chinese media reports. The technology extends human interactions to a virtual world of three-dimensional avatars.

According to the plan,

The metaverse is one of four frontiers for exploration, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology said in its five-year plan for developing the electronic information industry.


The commission said it plans to increase research and development of underlying technologies, including sensors, real-time interaction, and blockchain.

And mentioned the main purpose of their plan by saying

“encouraging the application of the metaverse in areas such as public services, business offices, social entertainment, industrial manufacturing, production safety, and electronic games”

Although the document did not lay out a specific timeline or goals for the metaverse research & development. Chinese people are supporting the plan and positive about the subject.

This week, Beijing-based Baidu held what it claims to be China’s first conference in the metaverse. The event was meant to mark the opening of Baidu’s metaverse app to developers, and an executive told reporters he expects it will be six years before the full launch of the app.

We all know China from having strict rules & regulations about cryptocurrencies and blockchains. As a result of this, experts think of this plan as a revolutionary step about the metaverse.

Having a strong country like China on your side is something. That many tech companies interested in the metaverse universe would want.

Many believe that this “revolutionary step” that China took is going to affect the metaverse universe positively, time is going to be the one that reveals the results.


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