Political “Virtual headquarters” are now a reality


One political party in Turkey has bought land for their “Virtual headquarters.”

As most of you may know,

the “Metaverse” concept has started to appear in almost every category of our lives. Although the idea sounds complicated, technology companies who lead humanity to the future like Sony, Facebook, Microsoft have already started working on their metaverse projects. Not only big tech firms, but countries are familiar with the concept too!
And today, one of many firsts in the metaverse universe has happened. A political party founded by Ali BABACAN, the “DEVA Party” from Turkey, has bought land for their virtual version of the headquarters building.

virtual headquarters
Deva Political headquarter – by ZugTimes.com

And this is how it looks like Burak Dalgin, who is in charge of Digital Transformation and Technology Policies of DEVA Party, has recently announced on Twitter that “DEVA party is officially in both universes and meetings start soon.”
Dalgin also shared the avatar of DEVA Party leader Ali BABACAN.

DEVA Party leader Ali BABACAN – by ZugTimes.com

It’s no doubt that people will attend meetings virtually and handle some daily tasks in the comfort of their homes. Although some may find it complex and unreal, news like this particular one proves them wrong.

Big companies, political parties, celebrities, and even countries have started to make their way into the metaverse. It could be a virtual world where imagination is the only limit. Or it could be a less fantastic place for holding business meetings without leaving home.
And unlike the “internet” concept in the early ’90s, experts believe that It will be a lot easier for people to get used to this technology. Because the idea might be complex, but It’s not a new idea. The science-fiction writer Neal Stephenson coined the term in 1992, and the concept is commonplace among video game companies. For decades, massively multiplayer online games have served as digital worlds where people can meet, chat and do business. Like Second Life, more than a decade ago, an online fad was designed as a purely social space.

It is only a matter of time before another exciting “first” happens in the metaverse. Are you ready for the future?


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