From the United States to Italy for sustainable agriculture.


In an increasingly international economic context, combining innovative technologies with traditional agricultural activity is an obligation and an opportunity. This is the idea in which companies of excellence have decided to invest, renewing their confidence in Italy.

The initiative is developed and promoted by Celebron SPA, a company specializing in management and investment consulting – a leader in northern Italy in the StartUp sector. LutinX Inc and the E.Life Consortium join Celebron.

LutinX, a leading American company in the field of data traceability, will make the technology available. In particular a Platform for verifying the digital identity of the participants and Blockchain Solutions for the identification of the Production Chain.

The E.LIFE consortium, a Swiss Innovation Agency active on the market since 2018. Will make available non repayable Vouchers for a value of € 800,000 to enhance production chains in the agricultural sector.

This initiative will be divided into a call for tenders aimed at all small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises that operate on the Italian territory and see the new frontier of agrofood and Made in Italy in the process of digitization. Speed, immediacy, profit, and increased turnover are just a click away without altering the quality and excellence of the raw material.

Technological and ethical progress in a new business dimension, enhancing the local product and environmental sustainability. Today agriculture becomes more specialized and training. and can finally interact with an international market, in which technology becomes the actual Added Value.

The Blockchain, combined with digital identity, supports the traceability and enhancement of Made in Italy. Furthermore, all entrepreneurs and companies that want to digitize themselves will be able to use the Blockchain immediately without buying any cryptocurrency and even more to open wallets or create accounts on foreign exchanges. This peculiarity is also the element that admitted the Founder of Celebron, Mr. Marcello Ferraina, to choose Lutinx Inc., to choose Lutinx Inc.

“Allowing SMEs to use the most innovative technology without the risk of financial speculation related to the world of Crypto-Coins is certainly the correct way to offer trust to entrepreneurs in our area,” said Ferraina.

Dr. Marcello Ferraina

LutinX CEO Alessandro Civati confirms that “after years of working with the Public Administration, I am proud to participate in this initiative to support Italy, starting in particular from Calabria, a wonderful land with unique products, known all over the world.

Celebron and LutinX believe in the value of agriculture, both business and destination, an infinite connection of technological innovation between 4.0 companies and 4.0 needs. This project takes the field looking to the future in which consolidated agriculture makes industry through technological innovation, simplifying production processes, reducing costs, and protecting the reliability and authenticity of local products.

This project will start in the two parts of Italy, in Lombardy, where Celebron is based, and in Calabria, a land of agro-food excellence recognized everywhere. Through the Blockchain Certification of the Supply Chain, even the final consumer in Italy or the United States of America will be able to verify and appreciate his country’s products.

Furthermore, Celebron Spa, within this initiative, also wants to broaden its gaze to sector and category associations. In this way, even small businesses, not just large Consortia. Will be able to access the world of Blockchain simply and effectively, with ready-to-use, scalable and cost-effective solutions.

Celebron and LutinX believe unreservedly in the potential of Italy and, with determination and courage, have accepted this bet, in which agriculture. A bulwark of itself, decides to invest in itself and aim for a future in which innovation and progress. Technological coincide.

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