E-sports: How to Stream them on YouTube



 E-sports have grown in popularity due to the desire to watch others people play video games live. But what exactly is live streaming, and how can you get started streaming? One of the most critical aspects of e-sports is video game streaming, allowing spectators to get closer to the gamers.

In simple words, streaming is when someone records a game or event and broadcasts it live over the internet via streaming sites. Streamers may customize their streams with personalized visuals; engage with spectators in a chat room. This article explains how to start an e-sports gaming stream on YouTube.

What do you need to Get Started Streaming Games on YouTube?

Live streaming with a webcam is relatively simple on YouTube. But streaming a game is quite difficult, so you’ll need to follow the below process in order to stream e-sport games on YouTube.

  • An authenticated YouTube Account

You simply wouldn’t be able to stream if your account isn’t verified. Don’t panic. The verification procedure is straightforward.

  • Gaming PC

You may stream from a desktop or laptop computer running Windows, Mac, or Linux. The most critical component is that the computer can encode footage in real-time while playing a game.

  • Good broadband connection

Your internet connection must have enough upstream E-sports: How to Stream them on YouTubecapacity to upload high-definition video in real-time.

  • An encoder program

This software captures your gameplay, converts it to a streamable format, and posts it to YouTube. You must have an encoder in order to stream on YouTube.

How to Stream them on YouTube

How to Stream E-sport gaming on YouTube

After following the above process, now it’s time to get started with your YouTube gaming channel:

  1. First of all, go to YouTube.com/live dashboard by clicking the link.
  2. After that, scroll down on your Creator Studio homepage, and Stream is now chosen in the Live Streaming area.
  3. Next, create a title and description for your Stream in the Main Info area.
  4. In this step, simply click Reveal the Encoder Setup section.
  5. When you click Reveal, note the Stream name/key that displays. This number is required if you use specific encoder applications, such as OBS.
  6.  Finally, ensure that it says all modifications saved at the homepage, and you’re able to establish your encoder.

How much money do streamers make?

It depends, but the finest and most prominent streamers might earn hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of pounds every year. This is in addition to any sponsorship arrangements or other revenue-generating activities, such as YouTube ads/Google Adsense, item sales, and so on.

However, only the most popular broadcasters with tens of thousands of regular viewers can make this money. It’s also worth noting that there are over 500,000 creators who stream on Twitch every day, making it a crowded and competitive environment where it can be challenging to rise to the top.


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