Bosch and establish joint fund for blockchain-based solutions in industry


German engineering and technology company Bosch has partnered with artificial intelligence lab to create a $100 million fund for the research and development of Web 3.0 projects. The initiative aims to find practical blockchain solutions in the fields of mobility, industrial production, and consumer goods. Other partners of Foundation are expected to join the project, although they have not been named yet.

Partnership for innovative blockchain solutions Foundation, a UK-based AI lab, announced on February 21 that it would be working with Bosch on the creation of a new $100 million fund. The primary objective of the initiative is to investigate practical applications of blockchain technology in mobility, industrial production, and consumer goods.

The partnership will bring together the expertise of in AI and machine learning, and Bosch’s knowledge in industrial production and mobility. The goal is to develop cutting-edge blockchain-based solutions that will enable companies to operate more efficiently and securely.

The collaboration is part of’s broader mission to enable secure and decentralized machine-to-machine communication. The AI lab has previously worked on decentralized IoT networks and other innovative blockchain applications.

Collaboration with other companies

The Foundation has said that it expects other partners to join the initiative. While no other names have been released, the project aims to bring together a group of industrial giants and startups to collaborate on innovative blockchain solutions.

The fund will be managed with a governance structure borrowed from the Linux Foundation. The initiative will be overseen by Peter Busch, who said that the project was crucial to addressing some of the pressing security and privacy issues in the industry.

Bosch and’s collaboration to establish a $100 million fund to research blockchain applications in mobility, industrial production, and consumer goods is an important milestone in the adoption of blockchain technology in the industry. With the backing of a major corporation like Bosch and the expertise of in AI and machine learning, this initiative has the potential to transform how businesses operate and interact with each other. It will be interesting to see what new and innovative solutions come out of this partnership and how they will impact the industry.


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