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Now more than ever, women are making an impression and getting involved in the world of blockchain. Men still dominate it, but more and more women are entering the ‘Tech World’ and dispelling many of the preconceptions and firmly held misconceptions that have to place on them.

Istanbul Blockchain women are making a considerable impact and paving the way for other women to follow in their footsteps. In the coming years, as a disruptive technology, blockchain will affect a variety of industries. There’s no doubt that women will play a significant role in the blockchain revolution. Let’s get to know further in a more depth way. Shall we?

Istanbul Blockchain Women

In 2008, blockchain became widely known as the backbone of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Despite this, the blockchain is used in various industries, including education, finance, farming, and more. The implementation of blockchain technology can drastically alter individuals and organizations’ public and private lives alike. This new emerging technology is helping women in Istanbul advance their careers.

As a believer in the following system, the technology enables people to work together without relying on each other or on a centralized controller to make decisions for them. Instead of existing in a single location, as with today’s internet, all data distribute throughout the network. And women in Istanbul will have the best opportunity to grow in a blockchain environment thanks to this new technology that allows for secure data recording without centralized systems.

Istanbul Blockchain Women

Although the first blockchain-based platform creates for cryptocurrencies, the technology’s potential applications are limitless. Institutions across the spectrum, such as the Turkish government, are still in the early stages of adopting new cryptographic principles.

An increasing number of women entrepreneurs and financial institutions are dipping their feet in. As a result of this, Istanbul women in academic, public, and consulting organizations have begun to devote resources to exploring the various use-cases of blockchain.

End Word

The public still perceives this technology as used by those looking to make a quick buck, which raises red flags among investors and government officials. BlockchainIST establishes in 2018 as Turkey’s first university-level blockchain research unit at Bahcesehir University. Its goal is to bridge the knowledge gap between the public and private sectors and inspire the adoption of blockchain technology.

Thus, private industries and Turkish universities should work together to establish technology hubs that train both men. And women and provide sandbox environments for entrepreneurs and startups eager to grow their ideas and contribute positively.


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