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Why NFTs Are a Key to The Metaverse

While NFTs could represent all intangibles and virtual metaverse objects, from fashion to virtual real estate, cryptocurrencies are a likely candidate for everyday transactions.

The Metaverse – Connecting People and Creating Experiences

The metaverse would be made possible by a set of underlying rules and a wide range of technologies that allow a variety of devices and software to connect and create these shared experiences, just like a set of protocols mostly invisible to the user that enable the Internet, through which we use a range of services today.

5 concepts in Metaverse that are way better in real life – FOR NOW

We have the technology now to immerse ourselves into virtual worlds. However, it doesn't make the experience more exciting. It can even do the opposite in many cases.


Artificial Intelligence Has a Key Challenge: Data Quality

Artificial Intelligence has proved to be one of the main drivers of the digital revolution, accelerating the need for companies to have the enormous potential

Are Stablecoins the Ultimate Use Case for Blockchain?

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that are linked to a non-volatile asset (like the US dollar). These cryptocurrencies address the crypto space's inherent volatility risks and enable more predictable transactions.

4 Ways to Make Money with NFTs

How can you make money with NFTs? What are the best methods? What are the things to watch out for?

Takamaka: Open-Source Java Blockchain

The Takamaka Enterprise Blockchain is an open blockchain, in the sense that it can be verified by any user and access to it cannot be prevented by central authority or government.