Learn how to launch a successful blockchain-based crowdfunding campaign through an ICO or other custom fundraising campaign with this guide.

How to Launching a Successful Blockchain-Based Crowdfunding Campaign in 2023

Learn how to launch a successful blockchain-based crowdfunding campaign through an ICO or other custom fundraising campaign with this guide.

Tech Giant Tencent Joins Forces with MultiversX to Build a Blockchain-Powered...

Tencent partners with MultiversX to build a blockchain-powered meta universe with virtual real estate, art, and music.

The Revolutionary AI-Powered Body Scanning Startup

AI-Powered Body Scanning Startup offer preventive healthcare and early disease detection. Join the healthcare innovation today

Digital Currencies and Startup Culture

Zugtimes Digital Currencies and Startup Culture
The blockchain functions similarly to a digital journal, recording all Bitcoin transactions

Growth Hacking Strategies for Your Startup

Growth hacking pursues the sole goal of creating growth. Every action a growth hacker makes is scrutinized by them for the potential to achieve precisely scalable growth.

Startup Myths: Hard work Equals Success

ZugTimes Startup Myths Hard work Equals Success
Anyone who founds or invests in a start-up knows that no matter how good the idea may be, not every start-up is successful. The decisive question is how can the bridging between the agility of a company in the early phase and the associated fragility succeed?

Startup Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid

ZugTimes Startup Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid
As a new entrepreneur, it is easy to trip during the fundraising process since you've not done it before. It's even easier to make startup funding mistakes as a first-time founder with a revolutionary product idea.

Startup Funding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

ZugTimes_Startup Funding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Focusing in the wrong direction can result in Lost time and effort. This can have a crippling effect on new businesses. The best way to learn is from the mistakes of others. Avoid the common fundraising pitfalls that startups have fallen into in the past.

Conducting Market Research for your Startup

ZugTimes Choosing the Right Blockchain for Your Project
Effective market research will help you close the gaps in your business knowledge about the market you operate in. These gaps in your business knowledge about the market could mean the difference between success and failure. Statistics has it that the majority of startups do not succeed past the first year in business.

5 Key Principles Behind Successful Startups

Successful Startups
What makes one startup succeed and another fail? As entrepreneurs, you are connected to your customers more than before. We live in a fast-paced world that is constantly changing. As a result, businesses need to be nimble. They need to adapt to innovations to remain relevant.

Raising Funds: Here’s What Your Startup Needs to Have

Raising Funds
Raising Funds There is nothing more powerful than the passion and vision of an entrepreneur. However, when trying to raise venture capital,

From the United States to Italy for sustainable agriculture.

In an increasingly international economic context, combining innovative technologies with traditional agricultural activity is an obligation and an opportunity. This is the idea in which companies of excellence have decided to invest, renewing their confidence in Italy.

Businesses Need a Digital-First Strategy

The prize to thrive as a business is in becoming a digital-first organization. An organization in which technology and culture blend perfectly. To achieve this, executives would need to champion digital technologies and mindsets as they lead their organizations with purpose.

Are You Practicing Your Startup Pitch forthe Right Feedback?

Practicing Your Startup
The issue with pitching to the wrong people is that you wouldn’t be able to prevent the practice session from being a time for feedback. Your audience is giving you feedback. Unfortunately, regardless of their good intentions, it is not the right feedback.

Growth Hacking to Get Your First Customers

Venture Capitals
Getting your first customer is difficult already. You don't need to compound it by inventing a new marketing strategy

The Difference Between Angel Investors and Venture Capitals

Investors and Venture Capitals
Innovation and entrepreneurship are the driving forces of a capitalist economy. But new businesses are usually risky and cost-intensive. As a result, startups often look for capital to spread the risk of failure. In return for the risk they take on these companies, investors get equity and other rights. Venture capital enables startups to get funding at the initial stage. Angel Investors and Venture Capitals This helps the founders to fulfill their mission.

The Key Growth Metrics for SaaS Startups

For SaaS startups, revenue should be distributed more evenly over an extended period.

Top 5 blockchain startups 2022

Top 5 blockchain startups 2022
Blockchain is changing the face of the world. It has a profound impact on enterprises, large and small, and is currently redefining how people interact and conduct business. It will take brilliant, creative, and determined individuals to develop possible applications.

Start-up India opportunity

To assist you, we'll examine some of the leading business opportunities in India in this post.

Startup: Switzerland Opportunities

Switzerland Opportunities
It is an excellent opportunity for beginners to start a data analysis business.

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