The European Parliament has adopted the AI Act - the world's first rules for artificial intelligence. Learn about the new regulations for AI safety and ethics.

Europe sets the standard for AI regulations with groundbreaking AI Act

The European Parliament has adopted the AI Act - the world's first rules for artificial intelligence. Learn about the new regulations for AI safety and ethics.

Nigeria’s Blockchain Policy: Why Crypto is Not Included

Discover Nigeria's latest national blockchain policy and why despite it being pro-technology, cryptocurrency remains banned in the country.

Zimbabwe Launches Gold-Backed Digital Currency Amid Economic Crisis

Zimbabwe presents a gold-backed digital currency to combat inflationary crisis. Analysts remain skeptical while other African countries show increasing popularity for virtual money.

Kenya Proposes 3% Tax on Crypto Asset Transfer in National Budget

Kenya plans to introduce a 3% tax on income from crypto transactions and NFT sales in its upcoming national budget. Read more here.

EU to Deploy €1 Billion “Cyberdome” Against Cyberattacks

EU to Deploy €1B Cybersecurity System with Artificial Intelligence for Protection Against Hackers. Learn more

New European Initiative Provides Safe Space for Blockchain Experimentation

Learn about the European Blockchain Regulatory Sandbox and how it aims to promote secure and transparent transactions while enabling innovation with blockchain technology.

BIS Innovation Hub Completes Project Icebreaker Exploring Benefits of CBDCs in...

This article explores the benefits and challenges of using central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) in cross-border payments.

Eurozone Governments Discuss Future of Digital Currency, CBDC

Eurozone's plans for digital currency: legal tender status, network effects, and more.

Top 6 blockchain platforms to consider in 2023

Modern blockchain platforms have been developed to help overcome these limitations and provide practical value for other business uses and applications.

Bank of Japan Launches Pilot Project to Test Digital Yen, a...

Discover how Bank of Japan's pilot project of a digital yen could revolutionize global payments.

Blockchain SIM Cards to be Unveiled in China

China Telecom and Conflux Network launch the world's largest blockchain-enabled SIM card. Secure digital signatures and decentralized applications.

Green Blockchain – The new sustainable way

Going Green! Climate change has become central to modern activities. It is a long-term challenge of the modern era compelling organizations to realign their business models to accommodate the new way of environmental thinking.

Who is Who-Award Remittance

Prince Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon, cultural diplomat and financial strategist,
The Who is Who International Awards 2022 committee just announced the awarding of H.R.H. Prince Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon, cultural diplomat and financial strategist, at the category "World Eminent Man in Global Diplomacy & Finance”.

Huawei Risks – A Government Security Review

The greatest fear is that Huawei is likely to come under extrajudicial directions from the Chinese government.

The Government of China is taking the “revolutionary step” about the...

We all know Beijing from being the biggest city in China. With Its population of almost 22 million people. It’s no doubt that the...

Cloud computing services and the race between AWS, Microsoft, Google, and...

Outsourcing has become the norm when it comes to digital computational tasks. The number of businesses dependent on cloud services has accelerated in recent...

Holiday Time – New CyberAttacks Risks for your Business

New CyberAttacks Risks for your Business
The holidays are an opportunity for people to take time off work and enjoy time with family and loved ones. During this period, people's...

Critical Infrastructures are Under Attack – A vision to our Safety...

Can you imagine what would happen if you could no longer use some or all of the technological
Firstly can you imagine what would happen if you could no longer use some. Or all of the technological infrastructure and systems that we...

Ransomware Attacks – Employees could be part of the problem

A recent survey of about 100 cybersecurity executives in North America has found that cybercriminals have requested about 50 percent of business employees and leaders to assist in actualizing a ransomware attack. Companies and Governments should invest more energies and budgets on Internal security and training.

Cyber Attacks can get everyone

Cybersecurity incidents have been on the rise, and no business is entirely safe from the hacking block. Cybercriminals may primarily target large companies and multinational companies, but smaller enterprises present soft targets.

Artificial Intelligence for Governments – Benefits & Vulnerability

Governments worldwide are adopting artificial intelligence with lots of enthusiasm to stay ahead of technological advancements. Both governments and corporates are interested in including AI in their business development processes and other applications. BUT, Any strategy has to consider data protection, privacy issues, and cutting back on carbon dioxide emissions.

Facial Recognition: Intriguing Yet Fascinating Developments

Facial Recognition
Facial recognition refers to identifying and verifying the identity of an individual through the use of their face. It captures, analyzes, and compares distinct patterns based on the facial details of an individual. Facial biometrics transforms a face into digital data by applying an algorithm and comparing the captured image to those in a database. 

Blockchain’s Future? – The regulation system is the development key

Blockchain technology continues its development and widespread adoption towards a decentralized internet. It heralds the rise of Web 3.0 characterized by decentralized finance and...

Is Blockchain Legal? A Government approach to everyday use of blockchain...

Firstly, Blockchain is not a new technology anymore, having been around for about ten years. Businesses and organizations were unclear on the following steps....

Hackers & Terrorists – A Government Vision for The New Decade

Cyber threats, network security, and sensitive information are posing complex challenges for governments, especially in national security and public policy. Cyber-based threats are proving to...

AI Creators and Policymakers – A complex but needed way for...

Intro There has been a giant abyss between AI creators and policymakers, as evidenced by recent happenings. It is indicative of a need for consensus...

5G Network Slicing – A potential vulnerability to Cyberattacks

Firstly A major security flaw in the 5G network slicing architecture has been identified. The network slicing flaw impacts virtualized network functions and may...

Artificial Emotional Intelligence and Emotion Recognition in the 5G world

With 5G communication technology's continued rollout, we'll soon be ushered into a new era as 5G is integrate with A.I. The combination of 5G...

5G and the Impact It Will Have On Its Cybersecurity

The deployment of 5G will ultimately transform how people live and work. Both countries and companies are in the race to deploy the fastest...

Cyber-crime, deterrent steps against it.

Cybercrime will generally refer to criminal activity that targets or uses a computer, computer network, or networked device. As the cyberspace grows exponentially, cybercrime...

Privacy & Security, a government dilemma

Cybercrime is increasingly becoming a menace in the world today. Privacy & Security a government dilemma: Cybersecurity is a big concern for governments as opposed...