Find out what personal data was accessed, why Ferrari refused to pay ransom, and ongoing investigation details

Ferrari Admits to Data Breach Following Hacker Attack

Find out what personal data was accessed, why Ferrari refused to pay ransom, and ongoing investigation details

Cybercriminals in the Metaverse: Interpol’s Response to Fraudsters Targeting Users

The use of the metaverse by Interpol is a step forward in combating virtual crimes, and developing a legal framework for accountability

How AI is Revolutionizing Cyberattacks

Learn how artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in cyberattacks and how to protect yourself

New European Initiative Provides Safe Space for Blockchain Experimentation

Learn about the European Blockchain Regulatory Sandbox and how it aims to promote secure and transparent transactions while enabling innovation with blockchain technology.

Top 6 blockchain platforms to consider in 2023

Modern blockchain platforms have been developed to help overcome these limitations and provide practical value for other business uses and applications.

Tech Startups Introduce Biometric Identification System for Cryptocurrency Security

Revolutionize cryptocurrency security with advanced biometric technology. Faster, secure transactions. Privacy concerns. Increased adoption expected.

Crypto Chaos: Platypus DeFi-Protocol Hacked for $8.5 Million as USP Loses...

Platypus DeFi-protocol hack results in $8.5M cryptocurrency loss, raising concerns over DeFi platform security and USP stablecoin stability.

Cybercriminals Demand $80 Million Ransom from Royal Mail in LockBit Ransomware...

LockBit ransomware group demands $80 million ransom from Royal Mail, which refused to pay. Protect your organization with robust cybersecurity measures

Open Metaverse Foundation: The Future of Collaborative Development in the Meta-Universe

The Linux Foundation creates an open-source metaverse platform through the Open Metaverse Foundation for collaborative development of software

Beware of cryptocurrency scams during face-to-face meetings

Startup co-founder reports $4M cryptocurrency theft during face-to-face meeting. Experts warn against creating wallets on personal devices and trusting strangers

Important Performance Metrics for Decentralized Finance

In the world of DeFi, the price-to-sales ratio (P/S ratio) is a critical KPI. It is calculated by dividing the fully diluted market capitalization of the token by its 12-month revenue.

5 Key Blockchain Features You Need to Know Now

Blockchain will change the way digital services are delivered globally across all industries. Blockchain is altering the game.

Modern SOC – 10 Essential Capabilities

The modern SOC should always provide real-time context on the threat landscape. Incorporating these capabilities makes the SOC a hyper-intelligent system that will offer transparency into threat environments, timely alerts, and context to evaluate an organization's security posture.

Why is Blockchain Security so important?

ZugTimes Why is Blockchain Security so important
Technological advances such as AI-based solutions for infrastructure, transaction, and code analysis can spell out new trends in blockchain security.

NOC vs SOC – Network operations center and Security operations center

Organizations should never grapple with the choice of setting up either NOC or SOC teams. Having both a NOC and SOC is the ideal situation. Despite the differences in primary objectives and duties, the NOC and SOC teams share the need for deep visibility and centralized control over network infrastructure.

People-Centric Cybersecurity – “we-are-together-in-this” is the new Company-Customer priority

ZugTimes People-Centric Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity should not be a 'check box' affair. Organizations can leverage cybersecurity as a strategic tool to drive business objectives and build customer trust. Cybersecurity strategy is evolving from being technology-centric to people-centric. Effective cybersecurity programs and improved security awareness will protect business assets and information and prevent fall-outs from breaches. Customers are vital players in a successful and forward-looking organization.

Cybersecurity Megatrends – More devices, More risks, More expenditures.

ZugTimes Cybersecurity-Megatrends-More-devices-More-risks-More-expenditures-byAlessandro-Civat
Cyber risk management has not kept pace with the proliferation of digital and analytics transformations, and many companies are unsure how to identify and manage digital risks. Effective risk management calls for proactive visibility and context across the entire cyber-attack surface. Businesses must understand the vulnerabilities that can be exploited to cause the most significant harm.

Cybersecurity and Compliance: The Role of Top Management

In information security, controls are put in place to protect confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. The requirements depend on the particular industry or sector.

Ukrainian Cops Arrested Nine Phishing Gangs Operating Over 400 Phishing Sites

ZugTimes Ukrainian Cops Arrested Nine Phishing Gangs Operating Over 400 Phishing Sites
$3.4 million was stolen from 5000 Ukrainian banks using phishing websites, and criminals are to face 15 years of imprisonment On the 29th of June...

Will Passwords Ever Disappear from Our Lives?

Users need a more secure and simpler method of authentication. The most obvious solution lies in passwordless authentication.

Ways to Avoid Social Engineering Attacks

ZugTimes Ways to Avoid Social Engineering Attacks
When we mention cybersecurity, our attention often goes to hackers who exploit vulnerabilities. We often narrow our thoughts to vulnerabilities in data networks. But there is another - called social engineering.

How to Protect Yourself from Cyber Attacks

The business threat environment changes frequently. New forms of attack emerge daily. To ensure the stability and security of your system, take an integrated approach. Ensure you put in place different levels of protection and regularly analyze possible threats.

Blockchain Security Issues – Current Attacks and Vulnerabilities

ZugTimes_Blockchain_Security_Issues- Current_Attacks&Vulnerabilities
Blockchain and web 3.0 can be risky places to live and work. How well do you know the vulnerabilities and attack vectors present in the industry today? The blockchain space is an emerging and budding industry. Therefore, it is expected that things could go wrong.

How to make your clinic more secure from cyber-attacks?

Due to the critical nature of hospital management and the potential for massive disruption, hospitals are appealing targets for hackers.

CyberWar in Europe – Internet Blackout, Disinformation and Espionage

Thousands of people across Europe were thrown offline by a massive internet outage believed to be part of the Russian offensive on Ukraine.

Is The Bitcoin Blockchain Resilient to Quantum Attacks?

Bitcoin Blockchain
One of the most popular applications of quantum computers is to break the mathematical difficulty of cryptography. Enterprises such as IBM, Google, and others...

Zug 101: What is a VPN?

What is a VPN
Whether you work from a typical workplace, a home office, on your smartphone, or when traveling, a VPN is one of the best way

Zero Trust – An Emerging Catchphrase in Cybersecurity

Zero Trust - An Emerging Catchphrase in Cybersecurity
Zero trust has become a catchphrase in the cybersecurity sector, with all stakeholders fully accepting and going on all in.

Controversy surrounding DeFi Wonderland protocol co-founder

Controversy surrounding DeFi Wonderland protocol co-founder
The revelation has rocked “Frog Nation,” a loose conglomerate of projects that include Popsicle Finance, Wonderland and Abracadabra, which are all now helmed by prolific DeFi developer Daniele Sestagalli.

How to defend against cryptojacking

How to defend against cryptojacking
Reported as one of the emerging threats, cryptojacking has grown steadily with the spread of cryptocurrencies. Let’s see how to defend against cryptojacking.

Network Decryption – A Critical Cybersecurity Best Practice

Network Decryption - A Critical Cybersecurity Best Practice
Network Decryption: Businesses have been moving their data and computing to the cloud. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated.

Huawei Risks – A Government Security Review

The greatest fear is that Huawei is likely to come under extrajudicial directions from the Chinese government.

2021 Data Breaches – A brief Review

2021 Data Breaches
Rapidly changing circumstances in the I.T. world and business have increased reliance on data and analytics. Data analytics is now critical to how companies...

Holiday Time – New CyberAttacks Risks for your Business

New CyberAttacks Risks for your Business
The holidays are an opportunity for people to take time off work and enjoy time with family and loved ones. During this period, people's...

Critical Infrastructures are Under Attack – A vision to our Safety...

Can you imagine what would happen if you could no longer use some or all of the technological
Firstly can you imagine what would happen if you could no longer use some. Or all of the technological infrastructure and systems that we...

Ransomware Attacks – Employees could be part of the problem

A recent survey of about 100 cybersecurity executives in North America has found that cybercriminals have requested about 50 percent of business employees and leaders to assist in actualizing a ransomware attack. Companies and Governments should invest more energies and budgets on Internal security and training.

CyberSecurity Plan – A MUST-HAVE for every Business

Proper planning, regular updates, and having trusted cybersecurity experts will help your business remain safe and agile in the face of cyberattacks. Every SBE and Enterprise should have a CyberSecurity Plan and an Incident Response Plan.

Cyber Attacks can get everyone

Cybersecurity incidents have been on the rise, and no business is entirely safe from the hacking block. Cybercriminals may primarily target large companies and multinational companies, but smaller enterprises present soft targets.

Facial Recognition: Intriguing Yet Fascinating Developments

Facial Recognition
Facial recognition refers to identifying and verifying the identity of an individual through the use of their face. It captures, analyzes, and compares distinct patterns based on the facial details of an individual. Facial biometrics transforms a face into digital data by applying an algorithm and comparing the captured image to those in a database. 

Cybersecurity Regulations – A Strategy review between EU and USA

The history of cybersecurity regulation can be traced back to the 1990s when the E.U. passed the Data Protection Regulation. Shortly after, the U.S. established the National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace in 2001. Currently, the U.S. has the global cybersecurity leadership... My vision is that the moment of strong cooperation is arrived, especially about emerging cybersecurity trends and protecting an open and interoperable Internet.

Cryptocurrency – The TRUST Factor

Cryptocurrency has been on a transformative journey. Blockchain technology offers a high level of transparency and accountability, eliminating the need for a trusted central authority to oversee the system. In this way Trust is a fundamental element behind everything in human interaction and on the law system.

Brilliant AI – How AI May Identify Your Weaknesses and Influence...

Artificial intelligence has been transforming every aspect of human life. Different AI technologies or solutions have been deployed in varying parts of human life and enhance how we live and work. Some of the transformational use cases are found in vaccine development, office administration, and environmental management.

Hackers & Terrorists – A Government Vision for The New Decade

Cyber threats, network security, and sensitive information are posing complex challenges for governments, especially in national security and public policy. Cyber-based threats are proving to...

5G Network Slicing – A potential vulnerability to Cyberattacks

Firstly A major security flaw in the 5G network slicing architecture has been identified. The network slicing flaw impacts virtualized network functions and may...

Small Security Teams – Five Important Security Lessons

Looking back to before the COVID-19 pandemic, a full-time work-from-home workforce was not fathomable. Security professionals would not even entertain the idea and talk...

How to instil a Cybersecurity Awareness Culture in organizations

In 2020, security breaches were at an all-time high due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Malicious actors have taken advantage of the...