In the world of DeFi, the price-to-sales ratio (P/S ratio) is a critical KPI. It is calculated by dividing the fully diluted market capitalization of the token by its 12-month revenue.

Important Performance Metrics for Decentralized Finance

In the world of DeFi, the price-to-sales ratio (P/S ratio) is a critical KPI. It is calculated by dividing the fully diluted market capitalization of the token by its 12-month revenue.

How Digital Currencies Could Change Global Trade

Digital currencies have the potential to transform not only the way people transact, but also the dynamics of the entire digital economy.

Digital Currencies and Startup Culture

Zugtimes Digital Currencies and Startup Culture
The blockchain functions similarly to a digital journal, recording all Bitcoin transactions

5 Key Blockchain Features You Need to Know Now

Blockchain will change the way digital services are delivered globally across all industries. Blockchain is altering the game.

Modern SOC – 10 Essential Capabilities

The modern SOC should always provide real-time context on the threat landscape. Incorporating these capabilities makes the SOC a hyper-intelligent system that will offer transparency into threat environments, timely alerts, and context to evaluate an organization's security posture.

How to Create Your Own Metaverse

ZugTimes How to Create Your Own Metaverse
You can explore the Metaverse and interact with people from all over the world. The Metaverse aims to achieve more than what the internet can currently do.

In an Energy Crisis, is Bitcoin Mining Wasting Electricity?

The vast majority of bitcoin's power consumption is due to the "mining" of new coins; the energy required for transaction validation is negligible.

Stablecoins: Risks and Potential

ZugTimes Stablecoins Risks and Potential.
Stablecoins, allow for quick and easy international payments. They can be a bridge between two worlds that weren't meant to mix: cryptocurrencies and fiat currency.

DeFi Risks and Limitations to Understand

DeFi has significant implications for the big data sector as it matures and opens up new avenues for data commercialization.

The Green Bitcoin: Bitcoin’s Impact on the Environment Debunked

High usage of electricity ensures the maintenance of bitcoin's money tree system and the network's security. In our next tense, bitcoin is protected by the electricity it consumes.

The Drive Towards Eco-friendly Cryptocurrency

ZugTimes The Drive Towards Eco-friendly Cryptocurrency
As an increasing number of investors place a premium on companies that emphasize environmental, social, and governance principles (ESG), cryptocurrency developers are forced to seek ways to go green. Emphasis is particularly on the environmental component.

Why Luxury Fashion Brands are Accepting Crypto Payments

This is one of the most asked questions whenever the topic of luxury brands and their voyage into web3 comes up.

Despite Crypto Ban, China’s Tech Experts Rides the Global Web3 Wave

China's talented experts and entrepreneurs have become the global web3 leader, with many venturing beyond the country's border.

July 2022 Top 10 Blockchain and Crypto Upcoming Events

ZugTimes July 2022 Top 10 Blockchain and Crypto Upcoming Events
Many events have been organized since the start of 2022, and significant people are trooping in for the various events. An example is the just concluded Crypto Milan (CEM) event, organized in Italy last month.

Crypto Expo Milan (CEM) 2022 – A successful Italian event in...

Two thousand attendees are expected to attend the event with an extensive educational workshop. A group of Crypto and Blockchain opinion leaders, experts, influencers, and executives.

Which Metaverse is the most attractive to brands?

ZugTimes most attractive Metaverse to brands
Metaverse - We hear this term every day - some people mistake it for AR/VR, while others don't understand the difference with a game. Let's define the Metaverse and give you some examples of our favorite metaverses.

Blockchain Security Issues – Current Attacks and Vulnerabilities

ZugTimes_Blockchain_Security_Issues- Current_Attacks&Vulnerabilities
Blockchain and web 3.0 can be risky places to live and work. How well do you know the vulnerabilities and attack vectors present in the industry today? The blockchain space is an emerging and budding industry. Therefore, it is expected that things could go wrong.

Choosing the Right Blockchain for Your Project

Right Blockchain
Right Blockchain is home to the world's most popular crypto wallet and exchange. Securely store, trade and buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and

How not to Get “Rekt” in Crypto

Crypto is on a mission to accelerate the world's transition to cryptocurrency. Through the Crypto.com Mobile App and Exchange

Best Metaverse Stocks To Invest In Summer 2022

Metaverse Stocks
Metaverse stocks have quickly become a popular topic on Wall Street. These picks can help you get started if you're interested in this investment option.

You can now buy land in SHIB Metaverse with Shiba Inu!

SHIB Metaverse with Shiba Inu!
A new feature has been added to the SHIB coin by its developers, which allows users of the SHIB token to acquire land in the SHIB metaverse.

Top Crypto Influencers to Follow

Crypto Influencers
Since various cryptocurrency scams are showing up, it can be hectic to find credible crypto information. You must follow. the right people on social media to get the correct information.

Ways to survive the Crypto bear market in 2022

the Crypto bear market
Only a few months ago, Bitcoin was at an all-time high, and celebrities were promoting obscure cryptocurrencies on television.

Top cryptocurrency scams

cryptocurrency scams
For crypto investors, the year of 2021 was a huge success. Bitcoin and Ether (Ethereum) increased by 59.8 percent and 399.2 percent, respectively, but smaller cryptocurrencies such as SOL (Solana) experienced more than 11,000 percent returns! On the other hand, Crypto scammers enjoyed a record-breaking year, pocketing $14 billion.

Common Myth about Crypto

Common Myth about Crypto Despite the fact that cryptocurrency and blockchain have gained in popularity in recent years as new kinds of

Best cryptocurrency exchange

cryptocurrency exchange
We've compiled this list of the top 2022 crypto exchanges to assist you in making your decision. We looked at various variables. When compiling this guide, including the number of available assets, pricing, user interface, features, and feedback from actual customers.

What to look for in the best Crypto exchange for buying...

SHIB - It is undeniable that cryptocurrency exchanges differ significantly across the globe. Without a doubt, deciding whether to purchase

Top cheapest Cryptocurrencies

This article is for you looking for low-cost cryptocurrencies with many upside potentials. The following are the top most affordable

How to spot the next big cryptocurrency?

In the last few years, cryptocurrency has gained in popularity. The news, social media, or your friends may all bring it up. But, learning the fundamentals is essential before diving in. Investing in cryptocurrency and seeing its value soar to the stars has become a dream come true for most of us. So, this article will explain how to spot the next big cryptocurrency. Let’s get started!

Career in Crypto

Cryptocurrency has grown to be a global phenomenon over the last few years. Everyone is talking about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but many are unaware that they generate more than just a buzz. Cryptocurrency's growth is producing a plethora of new work opportunities for people from all over the world.

Zug101: What is a Crypto Exchange?

What is a Crypto Exchange
A crypto exchange is basically a marketplace for buyers and sellers of the cryptocurrency. There are three primary types of cryptocurrency exchanges: centralized, decentralized, and hybrid.

NFT: Crypto Artists in China

crypto artists
The NFT market saw a rise in popularity last year, with trade volume reaching $23 billion. Crypto Artists Now various Chinese artists play. A significant part in the growth of the NFT market. This post will let you know about the few NFT artists. Let's get start!

Why DAOs Are So Famous Now?

What do most centralized enterprises have in common? We are speaking of the likes of Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter

NFT: Crypto Artists in South Korea

Currently, NFT is the "top stream" of the South Korean digital currency industry and has sparked a boom in the country

Comparing DAOs and TraditionalOrganizations

traditional organizations
DAOs are not totally replacing traditional organizations at the moment. However, they bring fresh ideas to the table. By leveraging blockchain and smart contracts, DAOs are flattening the traditional corporate hierarchy

Blockchain: What is Binance?

what is Binance ?
Binance Smart Chain is a recently introduced blockchain platform that enables decentralized finance. It is an emerging field, and it isn't easy to believe that Binance might be the next big thing in the world of blockchain. It is the gold standard for decentralized finance and decentralized application development

Blockchain: What is Tether?

A cryptocurrency like Tether (USDT) can help in this matter. In simple words, Tether's goal is to shield users from cryptocurrency.

Blockchain: What is Ethereum?

Do you intend to invest in the cryptocurrency market this year? We have some exciting news for you! Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts believe that 2022 will be one of the best years ever for investing in cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, choosing the best cryptocurrency can be difficult due to the many options

Solidly Denies Security Issues, after hitting $2.24B TVL

Solidly Denies Security
Solidly, which was launched on Fantom blockchain as an automated market maker (AMM), on 24 February, which in a nutshell is a technique that allows its traders to trade in the absence of an order book as a source of liquidity and Security Solidly Denies Security

Best Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) to Follow

The advent of the industrial age introduced changes in the structure and economics of organizations. Beginning in Britain around 1760

Women in Tech: Crypto market is no longer a Men-only Business

Women in Tech: Crypto market is no longer a Men-only Business
When we look at the cryptocurrency sector today, we see that women make up a sizable portion of the community. Female artists, investors, and collectors are increasingly adopting Bitcoin and NFTs, thereby bridging the gender divide.

NFT: Crypto Artists in the US

Although NFTs were first introduced in 2012, they took nine years to become widely accepted. However, this year's surge in popularity for artists and other industries suggests that there is much room for growth.

NFTs Unaffected by Crypto Winters?

Are NFTs Unaffected by Crypto Winters?
NFTs Unaffected by Crypto Winters : A few months ago, the floor price of the World of Women NFT collection was 0.2ETH. Now it is almost 10ETH.

What You Need to Know About Crypto Wallets

What You Need to Know About Crypto Wallets
A crypto wallet is a software or device that enables you to store your crypto and transfer tokens. At its core, the wallet consists of two key pairs: private keys and public keys.

What is KYC? Why is it important?

What is KYC Why is it important
What is KYC for crypto? It's a method for cryptocurrency exchanges (or any other crypto-related business) to authenticate the validity of their customers and clients.

Coinbase witnesses Biggest Drop as Cryptocurrencies Crumble

Biggest Drop as Cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrencies are going through a dark stretch and their values have plummeted in a short span of time. Bitcoin, the largest digital asset by market value, has lost roughly 40% since November last year.

How to defend against cryptojacking

How to defend against cryptojacking
Reported as one of the emerging threats, cryptojacking has grown steadily with the spread of cryptocurrencies. Let’s see how to defend against cryptojacking.

Virtual gambling will be the future of entertainment industries

virtual gambling
El Salvador is taking a huge step into the metaverse by creating a virtual casino where you can buy and sell NFT (non-fungible tokens).

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Important Performance Metrics for Decentralized Finance

In the world of DeFi, the price-to-sales ratio (P/S ratio) is a critical KPI. It is calculated by dividing the fully diluted market capitalization of the token by its 12-month revenue.

How Digital Currencies Could Change Global Trade

Digital currencies have the potential to transform not only the way people transact, but also the dynamics of the entire digital economy.