Discover why the UAE is becoming a top choice for blockchain startups. Learn about favorable regulations, supportive ecosystem, and business opportunities.

UAE Emerges as a Favored Destination for Blockchain Startups and Entrepreneurs

Discover why the UAE is becoming a top choice for blockchain startups. Learn about favorable regulations, supportive ecosystem, and business opportunities.

The Rise of Blockchain: Overcoming Challenges in Payment System Integration

Exploring the integration of blockchain in payment systems, its challenges, and the future implications. Discover the potential of this revolutionary technology.

Europe’s First Regulated DeFi-Bank Launches Unstoppable Finance

Discover Unstoppable Finance's groundbreaking launch of Europe's first regulated DeFi-Bank and euro-backed Stablecoin, revolutionizing the financial landscape.

GameFi Goes Beyond: What Will Revolutionize the Gaming Industry in 2023

Discover the latest trends in blockchain-based gaming for 2023. Learn about improved user experience, dynamic NFTs, and the role of artificial intelligence.

Nigeria’s Blockchain Policy: Why Crypto is Not Included

Discover Nigeria's latest national blockchain policy and why despite it being pro-technology, cryptocurrency remains banned in the country.

The Blockchain’s Role in the Metaverse: Decentralized Ownership and Interoperability

Learn how blockchain technology and crypto assets will play a critical role in the development of the metaverse.

Token Stables, Takamaka does it better

Economic models of Stablecoins 
Economic models of Stablecoins  To evaluate the economic models of coins commonly called Stablecoins, there are actually two types of approaches, but in principle, a...

Ordinals Protocol Hit with Double-Spend Attack Due to Vulnerability in UniSat...

UniSat's browser wallet for Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens hacked due to vulnerability in code base, leading to double-spend attack.

Why Bitcoin Doesn’t Need Token Burning?

Learn about the dangers of token burning in altcoins and why Bitcoin doesn't use it.

How to Launching a Successful Blockchain-Based Crowdfunding Campaign in 2023

Learn how to launch a successful blockchain-based crowdfunding campaign through an ICO or other custom fundraising campaign with this guide.

The Impact of ISO 20022 on the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Industry

Learn about the compatibility of blockchain projects with ISO 20022, including Ripple, Stellar, Algorand, and more.

Safemoon Liquidity Pool Hacked, $8.9 Million Lost

Safemoon's liquidity pool compromised in $8.9M hack. Hacker offers to return funds. SFM rate drops 30%.

Cybersecurity Firm Identifies Zero-Day Exploits in 300 Blockchain Networks

Cybersecurity Firm Identifies Zero-Day Exploits in 300 Blockchain Networks
300 blockchain networks at risk of zero-day exploits. Cybersecurity experts identify vulnerabilities in Dogecoin, Litecoin, Zcash

P2E NFT Gaming: Reality and Perspective of Use and Development

Learn how play-to-earn (P2E) games and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are revolutionizing the gaming industry and offering real-world rewards.

Secure Your Digital Assets: Top 5 Reliable Wallets for Crypto and...

Discover the top 5 most reliable wallets for crypto and NFTs. Learn about their features, security measures, and compatibility with popular tokens.

Supply Chain how DLT is changing business

Takamaka DLT prood of stake Java
Discover how DLT, specifically the Takamaka protocol, can revolutionize supply chain traceability with blockchain's transparency and verifiability.

New European Initiative Provides Safe Space for Blockchain Experimentation

Learn about the European Blockchain Regulatory Sandbox and how it aims to promote secure and transparent transactions while enabling innovation with blockchain technology.

Improving Agricultural Efficiency with Blockchain Technology

Explore the benefits of blockchain in agriculture, from transparency to efficiency and traceability in this informative article

BIS Innovation Hub Completes Project Icebreaker Exploring Benefits of CBDCs in...

This article explores the benefits and challenges of using central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) in cross-border payments.

Decentralized Identity Fundamentals: Understanding the Basics

Learn about the fundamentals of decentralized identity, blockchain, and self-sovereign identity for secure and trustworthy online identity management.

Top 6 blockchain platforms to consider in 2023

Modern blockchain platforms have been developed to help overcome these limitations and provide practical value for other business uses and applications.

Bank of Japan Launches Pilot Project to Test Digital Yen, a...

Discover how Bank of Japan's pilot project of a digital yen could revolutionize global payments.

Tech Giant Tencent Joins Forces with MultiversX to Build a Blockchain-Powered...

Tencent partners with MultiversX to build a blockchain-powered meta universe with virtual real estate, art, and music.

NFT Media: Insights from CNN, TIME, and Forbes

Discover how media companies like CNN, Time, and Forbes are using NFTs to monetize digital media and enhance engagement.

Blockchain SIM Cards to be Unveiled in China

China Telecom and Conflux Network launch the world's largest blockchain-enabled SIM card. Secure digital signatures and decentralized applications.

Tech Startups Introduce Biometric Identification System for Cryptocurrency Security

Revolutionize cryptocurrency security with advanced biometric technology. Faster, secure transactions. Privacy concerns. Increased adoption expected.

Crypto Chaos: Platypus DeFi-Protocol Hacked for $8.5 Million as USP Loses...

Platypus DeFi-protocol hack results in $8.5M cryptocurrency loss, raising concerns over DeFi platform security and USP stablecoin stability.

Cybercriminals Demand $80 Million Ransom from Royal Mail in LockBit Ransomware...

LockBit ransomware group demands $80 million ransom from Royal Mail, which refused to pay. Protect your organization with robust cybersecurity measures

An Introduction to Crypto Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations

Crypto fundraising can be an effective way for non-profits to expand their reach and make a greater impact in their communities and around the world

Exploring the Top Trends in Banking for 2023: The Rise of...

DeFi, tokenization, and CBDCs are transforming the banking industry in 2023, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Attracting New Donors and Increasing Revenue: The Case for Accepting Stock...

Discover the benefits of accepting stock donations for nonprofits, including tax efficiency and diversifying revenue streams

The Rise of Crypto Donations: Why Top American Charities Are Embracing...

Discover the benefits of accepting cryptocurrency donations for nonprofits, including flexibility, anonymity, tax benefits, and security

The Potential of Bitcoin for Protecting Human Rights

Discover how Bitcoin can protect financial privacy, facilitate cross-border transactions, and enable micropayments to support human rights causes