Alberto Perini

Alberto Perini is a cyber security specialist, CISO for a financial international group based in Milan and the founder of Cyber Ducks. Cyber Ducks is a platform for learning and acquiring new skills, which is why we provide training and refresher tools in the new Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technologies. Being ready and performing through new solutions and new defense methods, but also having fun and learning by putting into play the desire to learn by taking up the challenge. Our training courses range through contemporary topics trying to provide answers and tools to cyber attacks. https://cyberducks.it/en/

How to defend against cryptojacking

Reported as one of the emerging threats, cryptojacking has grown steadily with the spread of cryptocurrencies. Let’s see how to defend against cryptojacking.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: Key Differences

AR is already interesting for the pure design of the work instruction. For example, explanatory text can be dispensed with if images are enhanced with AR elements and short animations.

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