Andrea Belvedere

Independent researcher and consultant, Technical Writer/Business dev at Blockchain Technology

Supply Chain how DLT is changing business

Takamaka DLT prood of stake Java The Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is changing many areas...

Takamaka the new cryptoeconomy

Takamaka manages two simultaneous coins Takamaka manages two simultaneous coins, one called Green Coin (TKG), the other...

Takamaka: NFT and perpetual data archiving

Takamaka appears to be the solution to the most famous and popular blockchain such as Bitcoin and Etherum, which in fact have no space in chained blocks, expensive and scalable if used to store any type of data

Prof Fausto Spoto about Takamaka project

Fausto Spoto as Research Consultant We have the pleasure and the honor to have Professor Fausto Spoto as...

Takamaka new business models for e-commerce.

There are often stereotypes about blockchain and e-commerce, such as instant payments, fraud resistance, zero fees, and more

Blockchain scalability is a limit, how technologies solve the problem

In modern blockchain, scalability is a limit and is the main problem for meaningful planetary adoption. How technologies solve the problem

Takamaka: Open-Source Java Blockchain

The Takamaka Enterprise Blockchain is an open blockchain, in the sense that it can be verified by any user and access to it cannot be prevented by central authority or government.

Blockchain and timestamp. How trust is created

We know that blockchain, can apply timestamp to a digital data, in order to increase trust and agreements even between parties

Proof-of-Stake: Beyond consensus, a Business opportunity

PoW (a consensus algorithm for btc and eth), has proven, over the past years, to be a safe and reliable protocol. There are no reports of successful attacks on the bitcoin chain and as long as there are enough honest participants. The aggression to the hash power will be substantially limited to zero.


inancial services that aim to disintermediate traditional finance through Smart Contracts and Crypto Token. 

Curve finance: evaluation, innovation and governance.

CURVE as a post to other platforms, allows you to choose exactly what to deposit in the polls: you can even deposit a single Token. The system will balance your investment automatically in other currencies, distributing daily dividends because the Dashboard section.


Ferrari Admits to Data Breach Following Hacker Attack

Find out what personal data was accessed, why Ferrari refused to pay ransom, and ongoing