Andrea Belvedere

Independent researcher and consultant, Technical Writer/Business dev at Blockchain Technology

Proof-of-Stake: Beyond consensus, a Business opportunity

PoW (a consensus algorithm for btc and eth), has proven, over the past years, to be a safe and reliable protocol. There are no reports of successful attacks on the bitcoin chain and as long as there are enough honest participants. The aggression to the hash power will be substantially limited to zero.


inancial services that aim to disintermediate traditional finance through Smart Contracts and Crypto Token. 

Curve finance: evaluation, innovation and governance.

CURVE as a post to other platforms, allows you to choose exactly what to deposit in the polls: you can even deposit a single Token. The system will balance your investment automatically in other currencies, distributing daily dividends because the Dashboard section.


Cybersecurity and Compliance: The Role of Top Management

In information security, controls are put in place to protect confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. The requirements depend on the particular industry or sector.

Ukrainian Cops Arrested Nine Phishing Gangs Operating Over 400 Phishing Sites

$3.4 million was stolen from 5000 Ukrainian banks using...

Despite Crypto Ban, China’s Tech Experts Rides the Global Web3 Wave

China's talented experts and entrepreneurs have become the global web3 leader, with many venturing beyond the country's border.