Learn how artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in cyberattacks and how to protect yourself

How AI is Revolutionizing Cyberattacks

Learn how artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in cyberattacks and how to protect yourself

How AI Algorithms are Revolutionizing Search Engine Results

Discover how AI algorithms are transforming search engine results with improved accuracy, speed, personalization, and content presentation.

Artificial intelligence created a song about Bitcoin

The creation of a song about bitcoin by an AI program is an example of how technology is changing the way we create and consume art. While some may view AI-generated music as a threat to human creativity, others see it as an opportunity to explore new possibilities and push the boundaries of what is possible.

The Revolutionary AI-Powered Body Scanning Startup

AI-Powered Body Scanning Startup offer preventive healthcare and early disease detection. Join the healthcare innovation today

From Automation to Optimization: How AI is Reshaping the Logistics Landscape

Discover the power of AI in logistics and how it's transforming businesses, reducing costs, and optimizing supply chains

Open Metaverse Foundation: The Future of Collaborative Development in the Meta-Universe

The Linux Foundation creates an open-source metaverse platform through the Open Metaverse Foundation for collaborative development of software

Bosch and establish joint fund for blockchain-based solutions in industry

Bosch and partner to create $100 million fund for practical blockchain solutions in industrial giants based on AI

AI Teachers: Revolutionizing Education with Personalized Learning

Discover how AI teachers revolutionize learning with personalized instruction, feedback, and customized curricula. Potential drawbacks addressed.

Artificial Intelligence Has a Key Challenge: Data Quality

Artificial Intelligence has proved to be one of the main drivers of the digital revolution, accelerating the need for companies to have the enormous potential

Blockchain and AI – Two Emerging Disruptive Technologies

AI technology in various industries, such as finance and healthcare, has altered their business models and provided solutions to seemingly intractable problems.

How To Improve Customer Relations in The Metaverse

We will be able to communicate and interact with brands and with one another in metaverse environments.

Artificial Intelligence – Friend or Foe?

AI is about mimicking human intelligence and getting machines to perform tasks in an intelligent, human way. At the same time, ML enables machines to learn from data and become even smarter over time.

The Next Phase of The Web Would Be Driven by AI

ZugTimes The Next Phase of The Web Would Be Driven by AI
The web's Third Phase has arrived, and it has nothing to do with bored ape NFTs or DAOs to build housing, or the Next Big Cryptocurrency to fly halfway to the moon before crashing back to earth.

Human-in-the-loop Model – Why AI Needs Human Intervention

ZugTimes Why AI Needs Human Intervention
The AI system will continually learn and improve while constantly being kept in check to prevent risks and potentially harmful consequences. Different models such as cognitive AI, conversational AI, and "HitL" reinforcement learning combined with real people with expertise, empathy, ingenuity, and moral judgment will lead to augmented Intelligence and increasingly more positive outcomes. The best applications of AI are seed, where AI systems are monitored by people and augment people.

How AI is Changing Work Structures

ZugTimes How AI is Changing Work Structures
Greater numbers of individuals, businesses, and governments are embracing artificial intelligence. This has led to growth in certain sectors of the global economy. But there is a growing gap between those businesses and sectors who benefit from AI and those who don't.

The Metaverse – Connecting People and Creating Experiences

ZugTimes The Metaverse- Connecting People and Creating Experiences
The metaverse would be made possible by a set of underlying rules and a wide range of technologies that allow a variety of devices and software to connect and create these shared experiences, just like a set of protocols mostly invisible to the user that enable the Internet, through which we use a range of services today.

AI Indispensable for Tomorrow’s Supermarkets and Retail Stores

ZugTimes ai for supermarkets and retail stores
The future of grocery shopping is here already only that it is not evenly distributed yet. The future is one that will be heavily impacted by innovation in technology in the ways that make shopping an interesting experience.

How AI is transforming the healthcare sector?

the healthcare
In the healthcare sector, Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly proficient at performing tasks that humans perform,

Applying Deep Learning in Artificial Intelligence

Deep learning is an aspect of machine learning used to train computers to learn by example. Machines process and filter complex information to produce output. We see deep learning everywhere. Self-driving cars, virtual assistants and visual recognition are some notable applications of deep learning across industries.

Technologies That Will Change the Future of The Human Race

Technologies That Will Change the Future of The Human Race
Artificial intelligence refers to the ability of machines to act intelligently. This means that machines can make decisions

A.I. & Social Networks – Is an inequality process started?

A.I. & Social Networks
Intro Firstly, Over the past several years, artificial intelligence and machine learning have radically transformed society. Social networks are lauded for creating connections and bringing...

AI-Generative Art: The Model That Turns Rookie Artists into Wizards Overnight

AI-Generative Art
NFTs enable collectors to own rare digital gems through the underlying blockchain technology that powers cryptocurrencies. Various forms of art can be made into NFTs. Tweets, music, memes, and many other digital assets can be owned through NFTs.

Science Fiction became real: AI is “slightly conscious.”

Science Fiction became real
When asked to open the pod bay doors to let the astronauts return to the spacecraft, HAL says 'I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that

Humanity & A.I. – Artificial Intelligence Benefits & RISKS

Artificial Intelligence Benefits & RISKS
Artificial Intelligence Benefits & RISKS : Technologies, and services to respect human rights and, by extension, human choice by default.

SuperGradients: Deep learning training library

Deep learning training library
With SuperGradients, AI developers no longer need to spend time scouring through different repositories to find the most suitable architecture.

Microsoft Continues to Position as A Leader in AI

Microsoft Continues to Position as A Leader in AI
The emerging business frontier is a winner takes all environment. There is an arms race between top corporations. Like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and...

Artificial Intelligence for Governments – Benefits & Vulnerability

Governments worldwide are adopting artificial intelligence with lots of enthusiasm to stay ahead of technological advancements. Both governments and corporates are interested in including AI in their business development processes and other applications. BUT, Any strategy has to consider data protection, privacy issues, and cutting back on carbon dioxide emissions.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – A Faster Drug Discovery Opportunity.

The emergence of new technologies is helping speed up the discovery process right to the approval of new drugs. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are helping in the speeding up of necessary calculations on the binding affinity of drug molecules to proteins in the body.

Facial Recognition: Intriguing Yet Fascinating Developments

Facial Recognition
Facial recognition refers to identifying and verifying the identity of an individual through the use of their face. It captures, analyzes, and compares distinct patterns based on the facial details of an individual. Facial biometrics transforms a face into digital data by applying an algorithm and comparing the captured image to those in a database. 

A.I. in the Education Industry – A deep and global change...

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology are changing the Educational Industry forever. We can see to manage the change by developing specialistic training for teachers, professors, and Educational Managers. It will be a challenging experience, but the process is started, and it cannot be stopped.

Brilliant AI – How AI May Identify Your Weaknesses and Influence...

Artificial intelligence has been transforming every aspect of human life. Different AI technologies or solutions have been deployed in varying parts of human life and enhance how we live and work. Some of the transformational use cases are found in vaccine development, office administration, and environmental management.

AI Creators and Policymakers – A complex but needed way for...

Intro There has been a giant abyss between AI creators and policymakers, as evidenced by recent happenings. It is indicative of a need for consensus...

Artificial Emotional Intelligence and Emotion Recognition in the 5G world

With 5G communication technology's continued rollout, we'll soon be ushered into a new era as 5G is integrate with A.I. The combination of 5G...

AI in Health Care: Expectations and fears of the public

In the last decade, we have seen the increased use of AI in the health sector. With the adoption of big data and AI...

Ai is increasingly being implemented and proving its worth in the...

Ai is increasingly
Intro With the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, financial services institutions are now moving from experimentation to implementation. With artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning...

SaaS Misconfigurations Are To Blame for Data Breaches: Check your Settings.

Firstly, one challenge identified with SaaS applications' widespread adoption is the lack of resources to properly configure apps to ward off cyber-attacks, data breaches,...

4 Sectors Targeted from Ransomware Attacks in 2020

Intro Firstly, There was a marked increase in the number of ransomware attacks report in 2020. No single business sector spare from the tentacles of...

Application-Layers for Security: They play a fundamental role in data breach...

An upsurge in the number of reported cases of cyber-attacks and security breaches has been noted. Such reports are appearing in the news sections...

How AI could help transform the Cybersecurity landscape

Businesses and organizations have to be at their best to avoid becoming victims of cyber-attacks. However, it is difficult to predict a cyber-attack and...

Blockchain & Cyber-Security, a Use Cases

Blockchain & Cyber-Security, a Use Cases when the Novel Coronavirus cases were rising, putting the world in a panic mode In the year 2020,...

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How AI is Revolutionizing Cyberattacks

Learn how artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in cyberattacks and how to protect yourself

How AI Algorithms are Revolutionizing Search Engine Results

Discover how AI algorithms are transforming search engine results with improved accuracy, speed, personalization, and content presentation.